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This Sass Babe came to be in-studio by way of the Give-Away contest we ran back in May. Tania was our 1ˢᵗ prize winner, which meant we spent a lot of hours shooting … in multiple outfits  … using a wide variety of sets … and of course, contorting her body for a multitude of poses. In short, she was game for it all and we had a blast! And it didn’t take long to see that Tania’s external beauty was  equally reflected, if not outshone, by her inner beauty. She sees herself as a powerful beast of a woman … and she means that in the best way possible. She accept her “flaws” and tries to love herself just the way she is. When she entered the contest it was because she was ready to show that all of the hard work she’s put in, was worth it. Through her application, I was aware that she had lost over 140 lbs and had been able to keep the weight off for three years. What I was not aware of, was that it took her some time to accept her new body. She had loved how she looked prior to her weight loss and was not even considering changing her body until she was required to do so for medical reasons. After her surgery, she also started performing as a burlesque dancer – not as her “day” job, but as something she’d always wanted to do for herself.

This is a woman who gives of her self so selflessly. Whether it be in loving and caring for her three children, husband and polyamory partner, to providing life altering assistance to her clients at the Drop-in Centre, to performing on stage for her audiences. Through the course of getting to know Tania, it was readily apparent how open and full of love this woman is. She did not want me to apply a lot of editing techniques and instead opted to leave in all the physical evidence of what she has experienced in life so far. So it was an absolute pleasure to let her see herself in a new light and gift her with images to commemorate where she is at this stage in her life. 💞

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