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For those of you who are part of my Studio Sass Babes VIP boudoir group on Facebook, this face will be a familiar one ‒ especially if you followed the series of Facebook Lives we did when we documented an entire start to finish photo shoot at Sass & Class Studios. OY! That was a long and beautifully f-u-l-l-l-l day!

Cassandra is originally from Montréal-Nord, which is a borough in the city of Montréal, Québec. Cass and I share a French Canadian heritage (my hometown is Winnipeg, MB), but her accent and French speaking skills are so much better than mine! Cass looks like she could be a super model and if fact, her “side” job is modelling. But don’t be fooled by her gorge looks, because her day job is as a roofer … yes, as in a construction worker who specializes in roof construction!

As you’ll see from her images she exudes grace and femininity, from her head to her toes. The strength and beauty that radiates from this woman is truly remarkable. She speaks very frankly of the child abuse she suffered while growing up and how that impacted her self confidence. As she grew older she felt her confidence growing, similar to a flower blooming. Shooting boudoir is now something that is very close to her heart. She sees boudoir as putting yourself in your most vulnerable position and she acknowledges there may be people who will judge a woman for doing boudoir. However she doesn’t think she will be judged, because she is doing what she likes to do. She sees boudoir as a tool for providing self confidence in your own body. It’s not about being the prettiest, or going to the gym and being the fittest, or having that perfect tan… it’s really just to love your body. Well said Cass. 💞

Not only was it a ton of fun to hang out with Cass for the day and listen to her beautiful accent but I learned that she and I share another common bond.  As I soon found out, this gal is all about supporting fellow women and small business owners. As a boudoir photographer and studio owner, I work with women to help raise their self esteem levels to new heights. Therefore when I meet like-minded women, the fun just never stops!





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