Busting Excuses

WHY You Deserve a Boudoir Experience

Here at Sass & Class Studios, we’ve heard many an excuse from our lovely ladies who almost always feel nervous about booking a boudoir session. We understand, believe us, but there’s a first time for everything and we believe that time should be now!

So let us help you out by answering the excuses we hear most often – our way of reassuring you that you are making the right choice by booking a session with us. We know you’re going to enjoy every second and we’re completely confident that you’ll be thrilled with the photographs. All that’s left is helping you take that all-important leap . . .

  1. “Isn’t Boudoir only For Women With Flawless Bodies?” Ha! Ladies, let me just get this one out of the way up front – NONE of the women that I shoot have flawless bodies. Every woman has aspects about her body that she is not happy with and not comfortable with. A big part about boudoir is embracing that, and moving beyond it, realizing that you are sexy as you are, the sum of all your parts, what you perceive to be good and what you perceive to be bad.
  2. “People will see my pictures” You can rest assured that we won’t share your images with a soul unless you give us permission to. Who sees your pictures will always be up to.
  3. “I don’t have a significant other/anyone to do a photoshoot for” Actually, the biggest secret of boudoir photography is that it isn’t really for your significant other at all. It’s for you! It’s all about pampering you, showing you how gorgeous you are and making sure you go home knowing you are beautiful. You will always have somebody to book a photoshoot for: yourself! If your special sweetie also gets some images, well then that is just a pure bonus for them!
  4. “I need to lose some weight first/It’s not the right time” We hear this one all too often because there are so few women who feel truly confident in their own bodies. Not only do we make sure to capture you in the most flattering poses possible, we also know from long experience that our clients see a whole new side of themselves during a boudoir shoot and almost always leave the studio wondering what they were so concerned about!
  5. “I don’t know how to be sexy” That’s ok, it’s a thought that’s shared by a lot of women. Posing for boudoir photographs isn’t a skill that we’re born with. That’s why we make sure to guide and instruct you on every aspect of a pose, making sure you look your best from your head down to your toes.
  6. “I don’t have any sexy outfits” Lingerie isn’t the only way to look sexy. We encourage our ladies to choose clothing they feel beautiful in, whether it’s a simple matching bra and panties, a tank top and boy shorts, an oversized sweater or your man’s button-up shirt. It could even be nothing more than a bed sheet draped across your body – whatever you feel sexy wearing, we promise you’re going to look gorgeous.
  7. “I can’t afford a boudoir shoot” Boudoir photography is an investment, not just in the images we’ll create together but also in the experience itself, and the empowering effects it can have. For the rest of your life, you will remember (and have proof of!) just how incredible you felt and looked in front of the camera, even if you’ve never before felt you were beautiful. You are worth the investment for something you will cherish for a lifetime.
  8. “I never like pictures of myself” Wonky eyes, hair standing on end, bumps and lumps we had no idea existed – snapshots are rarely the most flattering pictures. You are not alone if you have a hard time liking pictures of yourself, that’s for sure! Every woman is beautiful and it just takes the right photographer to pull that beauty out and transfer it to a photograph. Trust me! I’ll show you what you have going on and you will get your photos back wondering who that vixen is in the photos – spoiler alert – it’s YOU!
  9. “I never feel sexy or sensuous anymore” This excuse is actually the EXACT reason you SHOULD do a boudoir shoot. Often times we lose touch with our femininity or sexuality when life gets crazy because of health/kids/work. It happens a lot and it is absolutely normal and okay! A great way to find this side of ourselves again is to have a boudoir shoot done to put that spark back in us. I can show you that you have that inside you somewhere, and it might even ignite a spark between you and your special person as well!
  10. “I’m too old to have boudoir photographs taken” There is no upper age limit for feeling sexy – and nor should there be. We’ve worked with plenty of clients who initially thought they were “too old” for boudoir photography and not one of them was anything other than gorgeous. The significant others that many of them booked the shoot for weren’t complaining, either! Want more proof? Then check out our article Boudoir by the Decades and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to top our current client of 81 years young!
  11. “I don’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of strangers” Worry not, there is no nudity required in a boudoir photoshoot. We ask only that you wear what you feel comfortable in and bare as much flesh as you’re happy baring. We usually find that our clients with this concern find that they feel a lot more comfortable than they expected to as the session goes on, partly because they’re having so much fun and partly because we’ve designed the studio and photoshoot with your comfort in mind. Either way, we’ll still make sure your photos are everything you were hoping for and more!


Have we answered all your concerns? Are you ready to book your boudoir session with us and see for yourself how gorgeous you are? We can’t wait to work with you – contact the studio to get started!

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