Fabulous Fine Art Boudoir Products

Amazing Display Options for your Beautiful Boudoir Images

Now that you’ve had your fabulous and fun boudoir shoot, what’s next?

While taking boudoir portraits is one of the most amazing parts of my job, what I actually take the most pride in, is working closely with my clients to create artwork they are proud to hang on their walls and creating heirloom quality print albums that are durable enough to pass down for generations to come — can’t you just hear the squeals of joy when your nieces or granddaughters come across your SASS BABE boudoir pics?!

Our clients love working with us because not only do we have a blast working in studio but also with how quickly they start to feel at ease – even though some of the poses I put them in are a bit of a challenge . . .  but gurrrl, they all say it is so worth it in the end! Then there’s the fact that we can show you what your fine art pieces will actually look like on a wall (even your own wall). This is one of the most valuable and appreciated services we offer. We take all the guesswork out of those overwhelming decisions of what sizes, finishes and materials to select.

As you look through some of our clients favourite product offerings, I invite you to imagine not only what kind of portraits you are looking to have taken, but also how you would like to print and display them. And because I only work with the best print labs in the country, you can be assured that your prints and wall art will be of the best quality. If you hadn’t considered all of the different ways you can showcase your session, our PRODUCT GALLERY provides INSPIRATION for some of our favourite offerings and includes a series of  WALL MOUNTED IMAGES to show that your images can be placed in MANY ROOMS throughout a home.

Albums, Fine Art and Product Reveal Video

What more can we say about the albums we offer our clients but that their handmade designs perfectly embody the Made in Italy quality and style from where they are produced. These beautifully crafted albums are created to anchor in time the emotions that your photographer captured through your boudoir shoot. Looking for a sleek and modern treatment for your dazzling wall art images? Your photographic prints get extra depth and radiance when paired with polished acrylic. Alternatively but equally beautiful, metallics represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Colours are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. Our gallery wrapped canvases are a luxurious and contemporary way to display your favourite images. Canvases arrive ready to hang, no framing required. Matted Prints are the perfect choice to enhance your pictures. Made of high-quality black or white cardboard, the oblique cut of the inner edge gives depth to the print fixed to the frame, ensuring maximum quality and durability over time. All fine art options are available in various widths and styles, in a wide range of sizes with a variety of contemporary mounting options.

Curious about how you might feel when you first see your beautiful images in real life? Here’s a quick look of the video I texted to a client when her products had been delivered while she was out of town… she was so excited and just couldn’t wait to see her beautiful acrylics! Product Reveal Fine Art Boudoir Acrylics.

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