Boudoir with your Besties

Boudoir with your Besties

… there’s nothing like a little Girlfriend Love

As women, we all know that we wouldn’t be able to get through our lives without the fierce love and support we get from our personal tribe of gal pals. Whether it’s lending a shoulder and a good ear when times are a bit tough, taking your kids for a day so Momma can get her sanity back, cracking open that bottle of wine and pouring a generous helping into the glass, planning your next girls trip, sweating it up during hot yoga, swapping thoughts about the latest book at Book Club, cheering on the home team and seeing your faces up on the jumbotron, being the best dang wingman a girl could ask for… the list goes on and on and on.

And hosting a group boudoir session makes for a great addition to the list! 💞

Bringing some of your besties together as you all sit around getting your hair and makeup done by a professional make up artist is always a lot of fun. It’s always so cool to ❝ooh and ahhh❞ over how different your finished looks are. While the first gal sits in the HMUA chair, the others start pulling out the items they’ve brought. Everyone starts chiming in with their thoughts and opinions of what they think would work best for you, and with Besties, you know their words are as sincere as their hearts.

While each gal takes their turn in the chair, the others are taking their turn in the studio. You’ve brought 2-3 outfit changes, so you become a quick-change artist as we move through the different props and poses… almost as quick as the songs are shuffling through the playlist. Before you know it, your time is up and the next Bestie moves into the studio.


While one is playing in the studio, the others are keeping up their nourishment levels with an assortment of nibblies and a glass of bubbly champagne. Throughout the entire afternoon, there is a full course of laughter and chatting and giggles and sharing. Is there any better way to spend a unique experience than to do so with your best girlfriends sharing in on all the fun and nervousness and stepping into yourself in a way you’ve not done before?! 💞


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