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Boudoir Photog ❝Walks the Talk❞

Well Sass Babes, I said I would do it and I did . . .  not once, but twice! 😍

I wanted to show that boudoir is for ALL women, regardless of age, body size, levels of confidence, or whatever it is that life has thrown your way. Boudoir photography is about self-acceptance, body positivity, and art. It is about getting glammed up and laughing your butt off. It’s about the transformation that takes place between the time you walk in my studio and walk back out that door. It is about feeling beautiful, and that is something I believe every woman deserves.

Let me share a little about me. In July 2012, at age 52, I injured my back thanks to a herniated disc at my L4/L5 vertebrae. This had the debilitating effect of my slipped disc pressing on my sciatic nerve for almost 3 years. In April 2015 I finally had back surgery to relieve the 24/7 pressure and pain. As I was going through physio during my recovery period, my body was not responding the way the doctors had anticipated. This subsequently led to more examinations, which is when I learned that I had no cartilage left in my left hip – which meant that I required a full hip replacement, which I received in July 2016. Let me tell you, when your body suffers through these types of injuries your mobility gets severely restricted. When you also factor in the prescribed medications and a body that was also in menopause, the weight gain is inevitable.😳 I could’ve chosen to let that end my photography business, to seriously derail my chosen career path, to dictate how I feel about myself. But I didn’t. I chose to use my story of overcoming these injuries and self esteem issues, to empower other women.

I started shooting boudoir photography because I saw the beauty in everyone that came in our door when they came in for portraits. That experience allowed me to believe I could help people see themselves as I see them through my camera. Women tell me they feel they can’t look “that beautiful” because they feel too tall, weigh too much, or have too many stretch marks. I love being able to shatter those myths and untruths and I get to do that that by showing them the photos from their shoot and showing that they CAN, in fact, feel beautiful. Seeing their reactions to their pictures changed me. I’ve had some truly fulfilling careers over the years, but none of them give me the personal sense of gratification that I’ve found in shooting boudoir. From that moment on, I knew I had found my passion.

In pursuing my own photo shoot(s), I wanted to share with you all the different aspects of preparation to take into consideration in the weeks leading up to your shoot date. So here I am in all my glory (OY!) . . .  I was 57 at the time of the shoots; I’d gained 40 pounds as a result of suffering from a severe loss in mobility. I am ever so thankful for anything that increases my ability to move and even though I am nowhere near my pre-injury weight . . .  I knew I couldn’t use my body shape as an excuse to not participate in my own boudoir shoots.

When my first scheduled shoot ran into a problem with my photographer at the last minute (OY, the irony!) . . .  my lovely daughter offered to step in and get behind the camera. 💞

After all, I was all coiffed and buffed for the shoot . . .  so I didn’t want that to go to waste. Especially as there were so many aspects to address in advance of the photo shoot. Here is the order of my appointments, with the hair taken care of first and the spray tan done just 1 day prior (highly recommend this timing sequence).

  • 💇🏻‍♀️ Hair coloured and cut (about 1 week earlier)
  • 💅 Mani/Pedi with a colour that compliments outfit choices
  • 🍯Waxed from head to toe 
    • Eyebrows, Underarms, Brazilian, Full legs 
    • Be sure to do this 1-2 days prior to your shoot date, to ensure there is no redness or blotchiness
  • 👙Spray tanned, in the nude (don’t want any uneven colour playing peek-a-boo around your lingerie). *NOTE: It is important that you select a professional tanning salon, so as to ensure no streaks or unevenness, or that funny ORANGE colour — and get your tan 1-2 days prior to your shoot date, to ensure the smoothest look for your photos.

The main difference between the two photo shoots was that for the 2ⁿᵈ one, I was placed into the hands of a professional HMUA (hair & makeup artist). 💁🏻‍♀️💄 You can see from the attached images, the difference having your hair and makeup done by a pro makes in your photos. 😘

Even before any scheduled appointments, was the need to determine what outfits I would wear – especially as I was ordering them in and needed to ensure they arrived in time. First – check out the Sass & Class Studios Portfolio pages for endless inspiration. You will learn how other women have embraced their femininity, beauty and innate sexiness before the camera. We have also curated some stunning boudoir looks on our Pinterest page which you may want to borrow for your special Sass Babe Boudoir session. Create your own Pinterest board and start pinning your ideas – and feel free to share with us so that we can get a feel for the vibe you’re going for. For my shoots, I combined both lingerie and non-lingerie items . . .  and I can’t stress enough how important accessories are for adding interest and glam to your images. While my studio carries a pretty good selection of lingerie and accessory items, you may have something special in mind that you want to make sure you bring along. For me, I really wanted to incorporate the kick-ass knee-high boots I’d picked up in NYC on a girl’s travel trip. 😉

For a more comprehensive list of clothing and accessory items to consider for your shoot, you can check out my blog post ➤➤➤ What to Wear to my Boudoir Shoot?. The article includes a list of the lingerie shops, which includes but is not limited to the following providers.


So for all you women out there who are hesitating about or not even considering doing a photo shoot, I invite you to give me the privilege of taking your trust and providing you with images that you will love — whether as a gift for your significant other or more importantly, as a gift of love to yourself❣️


For an overall understanding of how to prepare for your shoot, you may also want to review our Boudoir Prep Guide.


  1. Jennifer MacEwen

    May 30th, 2019 at 12:45 am

    Inspiring! Love the breakdown of the what to do before the shoot too! Great tips and links 🙏🏻💞

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