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Imagine walking into a photo studio, and there are your beautiful lingerie items hung and draped, just for you. A makeup artist awaits to make sure you look and feel confident and beautiful. A platter of fruit and other nibbles is there in case you get hungry, and a glass of champagne or sparkling wine to help quench your thirst
... and maybe also your nerves.

Or perhaps we aren’t shooting in the studio at all - you want to be standing in the river where you had that first romantic picnic, or on a mountain where you spend most of your weekends. Either way, you chat and laugh throughout the session.You feel like your beautiful self, and the boudoir images show it!

There is nothing that rivals the feeling of satisfaction when I show my client that first peek behind the camera, and capturing my client’s reaction when she sees herself for the first time. There is such a look of awe and a touch of bewilderment as they come to realize the answer to "is that me?"... yes... yes girlfriend, it is... in all your Sass Babe glory!

Boudoir photographer | Jo-Ann Brown

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how it all started

Once you book a session, we’ll talk about what you love and what you’re like. I have a keen sense for the right questions to ask, discerning what is important to you, listening, and sensing the unsaid. The result is a photo setting in which you feel excited and at ease. You will see yourself reflected everywhere in it.

“Excited” and “at ease” might be new words to associate with having your photo taken. You don’t have to be a professional model to look good - that is why you hire me. My entire job is about ensuring that the person in front of me looks amazing - and I’m good at that job! I’ll teach you a few secrets and guide you through natural movements, but you can trust me to handle it from there. (I won’t need to ask you to smile though - you’ll already be smiling as we chat and banter!)

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